Administrative Ministry

Perform clerical duties in accordance to the policies established by MPMBC. To perform with confidentiality, honesty, trust and encouragement knowing that the work is part of God's work for the body of Christ. Using the gift as a compliment to the Pastor and other officials of MPMBC. Keeping timely and accurate records for the history of the church.

Christian Education Ministry

The Christian Education/Sunday School Ministry seeks to glorify God by equipping, training, and encouraging believers, particularly leaders and teachers to make a difference by proactively living redemptive Christian lives and making disciples in the Kingdom of God. Read More

Deacon / Deaconess Ministry

Reflecting the love and heart of Jesus.

Servants of the Spirit
Serving with both humility and boldness.

Following God as shown to us through our Lord Jesus Christ in His Word.

Able to discern
Seeking the leading of the Holy Spirit through prayer, the gathered community, and scripture.

Cultivating relationships and building up the Body of Christ.

Caring for all God's gifts and the resources of the Church

Living so that we have room in our lives for God and for others and so that we might preserve the gift of love.

Following Jesus' example of loving and respecting all people and inviting them into His fellowship.

Acting as Christ in love, reconciliation and justice.

Globally focused
Recognizing that in Christ there are no boundaries of nation, culture, race or geography.

Modeling a life of service and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Trustee Ministry

As stewards for our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, we display a willingness to work with the Pastor, Deacons and Church Congregation, sacrificing out time, money and energy to promote church maintenance and growth, continue in education, commit to tithing, accepting project assignments and manage the budget, grounds and buildings of Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church.

Music Ministry

Promote the cause of Christ through Christian education and missionary work. "We strive to help all people in the church and community." "Thou shall love thy neighbor as thy love thyself; I am the Lord" "Leviticus 19:18". We believe in lifting up the name of the Lord in song, reaching out to His people, and living our lives in accordance to our ministry purpose of following Christ. Secondly, we are to bring forth the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ through the ministry of song. We believe that God expects us to minister to His people in harmonies that touch souls and inspire those who may be searching to find the narrow way. We acknowledge that God wants us to be a light and shining example for others to see the benefit in serving a true and living God. Read More

Youth Ministry (EYES)

We seek to ensure that each youth we come in contact with is assured of their salvation, begins the process of sanctification, and from this basis begins to serve God in various areas of ministry.

Pastor Support Ministry

It our aim to encourage, inspire, and strengthen our pastor in burdensome and trying responsibilities as leader, pastor, and head of our church. The true leader, gospel preacher, and pastor of any church, is truly worthy of all joys, happiness, and provision that life can afford. Feeling that whoever is shepherd of our church is deserving of any and all good things. This ministry happily accepts the task of helping to make this certain. We seek to have our pastor smell the sweet aroma from the flower of our gratitude, taste the nectar from the cup of our generosity, and feel the power of our love through what we do for him while he can realize them. These gestures are not done for mere Illustration but to inspire him to attain the high Ideals of Christian ministry.

Senior Member Ministry

This ministry is dedicated to the seasoned members of our congregation by honoring them on their birthdays and any special need that they may have. Each year in September a Banquet is given in their honor followed by an annual day of worship.

Media Ministry

Mission is to enhance the ministry of the church by edifying the members primarily through the printed or recorded word to highlight the churches ministries, auxiliaries, and local activities thereby increasing attendance, to offer tips, suggestions and advice to strengthen member's walk with Christ.

Audio Ministry

To provide an environment where everything spoken, sung, or played can be heard with clarity and distinction, that nothing would distract from the ministry of the Holy Spirit. In addition, main services are recorded for reproduction for the membership and community.

Men's Ministries

Through Bible studies, personal accountability and social events, the men of MPMBC will spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all men. These ministries are about developing meaningful relationships between men that will strengthen families, communities, and our church body. Whether you are new to MPMBC or have been attending for some time, there are always opportunities for you to be involved in this dynamic aspect of ministry.

Brotherhood Ministry

This ministry seeks to challenge the men of the church to grow into their full potential in Christ. The Brother is also a great place of encouragement for daily living, husbands, fathers, and those seeking to understand what God seeking in their life. The goal of this ministry is for men to encourage one another and to help each other grow in their Christian lives so that they in turn can take their place as God has ordered and also be a blessing to others.

Women's Ministries

Titus 2:3-5 tells us that women should be teaching other women about all areas of their lives. The Women's Ministry of the MPMBC is to encourage women to become enthusiastic disciples of Jesus Christ, as we each become the woman that God created us to be.

Our goal is that each woman intimately know the heavenly Father, lovingly relate to one another, and advance the gospel in family and community. We accomplish these goals through equipping and outreach events such as Bible studies, creative fellowship meetings, annual retreat, and special events.

Missionary Ministry

To assist in the teaching, training, and equipping of women to become effective in the ministry they have to their families, the church, and the community. To develop a sense of unity and purpose through prayer, God's truth, encouragement, outreach, social events and personal mentoring relationships. A sisterhood that is based on an accurate sense of who we are in Christ and that strives and desires a closer walk with our God and Father so that we may be filled to measure of all the fullness of HIM. Ephesians 3:19

Young Women's Auxiliary (YWA)

Promote the cause of Christ through Christian education and missionary work. "We strive to help all people in the church and community. ""Thou shall love thy neighbor as thy love thyself; I am the Lord" "Leviticus 19:18".

Ushers Ministry

A dedicated team of men, women, boys and girls who have committed themselves to serve the body of the MPMBC by keeping order in the sanctuary and to show a welcoming smile to each one of our church members and visitors every week. To enable each member and guest to have a distraction-free worship experience where they can learn and commune with God.

Singles Ministry

The Single's Ministry is missionaries focused on reaching out to the church and community's needs with an objective to lead others to know Christ as well as focusing on how to grow stronger in Christ as a single person. Some of our missionary work to include supporters of United Ministries, Generation Group Home, Inc., and a monthly mission project assisting our senior members as well as sponsoring an angel tree child within the church each year

Benevolent Ministry

To serve our membership, their families and our community for special needs and illness. We will do so with a caring and thoughtful heart.

Clothes Closet Ministry

To serve our membership, their families and our community in special needs. We will do so with a caring and thoughtful heart.

Food Bank Ministry

To serve our membership, their families and our community for special needs in nourishment. Specializing in specifics needs during holiday season we will do so with a caring and thoughtful heart.

Food for Funerals Ministry

To serve our membership and their families during bereavement services. We will do so with a caring and thoughtful heart.

Place of Refuge Ministry

To provide help to those individuals who are still bound by addictions, such as drugs, alcohol, etc. Our goal is to help, assist, direct, inform and educate those friends and family members, who are caught up in that individual's web of destruction. We must clearly understand that the individual must first realize there is a problem and have a willingness to want help. If this is so, suffer no longer, there is a Place of Refuge from your storm.

Prison Ministry

Reach out and touch family members & friends behind bars ... federal or state. To help the sick become fulfilled with the love & spirit of God. To implant in those that find themselves incarnated that God will meet you wherever you are; in whatever condition you are in and whatever your circumstances may be.

Transportation Ministry

The heart of our Transportation Ministry is serving worshipers who need Sunday /Wednesday transportation to our place of worship. With a cheerful and humble attitude we will provide the necessary accommodations in getting our members to our worship services and other events as deemed necessary by MPMBC.