Interactive Bible Quiz

Test your knowledge of the Bible.
This quiz randomly chooses multiple choice qustions form a pool of quiz questions. There is only one correct answer for each question. Your score, the correct answers and scripture references are given at the end of the quiz.
1.) Who was Israel's most well-known and well-loved king?
2.) On what occasion was the Holy Spirit given to the church?
       Lord's Supper
       Christ on the cross
       Birth of Jesus
3.) Who became the Queen of Persia?
4.) Who was the female judge of Israel?
5.) Who was considered the wisest man?
       John the Baptist
6.) What is the last book of the Old Testament?
7.) How many sons did Jacob have?
8.) Who appeared with Jesus in glory on the Mount of Transfiguration?
       Elijah and Moses
       Peter and Paul
       Timothy and Thomas
       Mary and Joseph
9.) What is the story of the book of Revelation?
       end of the world
       spiritual gifts
10.) Who disowned Christ three times before the cock crowed?